LEiPZIG.ART has many faces. Why is it so? LEIPZIG is the cool-kids town and ART is BLUE. So bare with us that we seek to get the background of LEIPZIG.ART blue. Right now it is black. Art Blue is working on it, but it seems harder than it looks.


The Journey Begins

Read in rez Magazine YOU KNOW where THE AURATAR was presented to the written world. A few days ago I visited in a sneak preview The Tarot Garden by Tutti at LEA17 to create some headers and to let the story unfold …

… today [July 31] I got note of a “problem.” I stopped uploading my work which is a reflexion of the artistic work of an artist – her display name Second Hand Tutti. I predicted in ExpoTime! that SH Tutti will become the NEW REMBRANDT …


Looks like the prediction comes true. You ask, “How is it so?” REMBRANDT’s NIGHT WATCH was cut down. Will such a cut down have to happen with Tutti’s installment? We have to see. Virtual meets Real, Real meets Virtual – another prediction of Art Blue. Join Santorini Biennale and bring you political manifest in.


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